Join 2014 MVP Kevin Durant and KIND in the pledge to be strong & kind

Strong and kind are two words you don't see together every day. We've teamed up with NBA All-Star Kevin Durant to prove the best way to show strength is to choose kindness. And to play it forward even more, KIND is donating $1 million to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation to create specialized education and after-school programming for at-risk youth to teach them how to be STRONG & KIND.

The Pledge

  • I pledge to have the courage to be kind when others may not.
  • I pledge to look out for those who can't look out for themselves.
  • I pledge to stand up when others would rather stand out.
  • I pledge to leave my world a kinder place than I found it.
  • I pledge to be STRONG & KIND
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On behalf of KIND and Kevin Durant, thanks for taking the first step to being STRONG & KIND. Now get out there and make someone's life a little better. It's the STRONG & KIND thing to do.

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